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How to Use a Loupe with Diamonds

A magnifying glass of ten power (10x) is called a loupe.  With a loupe you can check for chips on a stone, scratches, more obvious inclusions and color of a diamond engagement ring.  Do not delude yourself to thinking that with a little knowledge and false confidence that you will have the experience and knowledge of a diamond specialist. Ask your diamond specialist to help you with the loupe and its use.  Once you become more experienced, you will find a loupe very valuable. How to Hold a Loupe
  1. Hold the loupe between your thumb and pointer finger of your dominate hand.
  2. Hold the ring similarly with your other hand.
  3. Bring both hands together just at the top of your thumb of your less dominate hand.
  4. Bring the loupe to within one inch of your eye. Use the pinky of the dominate hand and touch the ring to stabilize it.
Focusing the loupe may be difficult initially, but the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”. When you become more proficient with the loupe, you can look for chips and cracks on the stone, inclusions from the top, color from the side of the diamond and workmanship of the ring.

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