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Freshwater Pearls

Natural freshwater pearls occur in mussels just as saltwater pearls occur in oysters. A foreign object enters or is entered into a mussel and is not expelled creating a cultured freshwater pearl. The irritant is covered with nacre. Japan cultured the first freshwater pearls with freshwater mussels. They were the first to culture pearls in freshwater mussels in Lake Biwa, a large lake near Kyoto. It first started in the...

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History of David Webb

David Webb, jewelry creator and designer of David Webb rings, bracelets and necklaces was born in Asheville, North Carolina in 1925. He lived in a boarding house with his mother. The boarding house, known as the Carolina Bed & Breakfast, was run by his mother during the Great Depression. At the age of 17, David Webb moved to New York and in 1945, together with his partner Nina Silberstein, opened...

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History of Seaman Schepps

As a jewelry lover, you might have heard the name Seaman Schepps-styled jewelry. But, have you ever wondered who this Seaman Schepps was? Let us tell you. There are very few people in the world who start from scratch and become highly successful. And, there are even fewer people who achieve great heights, face a severe downfall, and then again build their life from the ashes like a phoenix. Seaman...

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The History of Birthstones

The History of birthstones is believed to have gone back to the book of Exodus with the Breastplate of Aaron. It was a garment with twelve gemstones sewn into it that represented the twelve tribes of Israel. The gemstones were set in three rows of three gemstones. At that time the gemstones were “sardius, topaz and carbuncle; emerald, sapphire and diamond; ligure, agate and amethyst; beryl, onyx and jasper. The...

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