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Yellow Gold


Jewelry changed during her reign and went from heavy and cumbersome designs, almost masculine, when she was younger to very somber jewelry after the death of Prince Albert. A lighter style jewelry took over later on. Popular stones were agate, amber, emerald, garnet, seed pearls and turquoise, to name a few. The engagement ring given to Queen Victoria was an emerald set in a serpent head. Starting in approximately the...

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Arts & Crafts Movement - 12mm Turquoise & Sapphire Brooch or Watch Pin - J36867

The Arts and Crafts Movement flourished between the years of 1860 - 1920. It began in Britain, c. 1860, where the artists where disillusioned with the impersonal and automated ways that the Industrial Revolution represented. It moved to the United States in the 1890's through 1920's where Americans were more appreciative of the use of machinery. Known for the high quality materials, classic craftsmanship, simple forms and often romantic ideas,...

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Birks of Canada - .33ct. Diamond Antique Engagement Ring - J37149

Henry Birks opened his first jewelry store in Montreal, Canada in 1879. His start up fund was $3,000. He went into partnership with his three sons, William, John and Gerald and changed his store name to Birks & Sons. He aggressively continued to add locations in Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver, as well as purchasing other local jewelry stores. He diversified into flatware and cut crystal later in his career. In...

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