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History of Bulgari

Bulgari, also known as Bvlgari, is recognized for their luxury watches, handbags, fragrances, cosmetics, accessories and hotels. Bulgari was founded in 1884 by Sotirios Voulgaris in his home village of Epirus, Greece where his first store can still be seen. In 1877, Voulgaris moved to Corfu then to Naples and in 1881, he finally moved to Rome. In 1884, Voulgaris opened his second store in via Sistina. In 1905, the...

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The Duke and Duchess of Windsor

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor are known for their love affair with each other and for the jewelry he bestowed upon her. Edward VIII was head of the church and King of England in 1936. Just before that time, he had fallen in love with American born Wallis Simpson twice divorced. He ultimately had to choose between his obligation as a King and his love. At the end of...

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The Chatham Story

During the late 1920’s, Carroll Chatham set up a lab in his garage at the age of 12 attemping to “duplicate nature’s process to create a diamond”. One of his experiments created a ruckus with his neighborhood and police. To create calm in the future, he decided to experiment making emeralds, hoping not to create an explosion as before. When he entered California Institute of Technology in 1931, he left...

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General Electric Diamond Project

In 1941, General Electric formed an agreement with Norton and Carborundom to continue future development of diamond fusion. Heating carbon to 3000 degrees Celsius “under a pressure of 3.5 gigapascals was created for a few seconds”. World War II cut the project short. The project resumed at the General Electric Schenactady Laboratories and “a high-pressure diamond group was formed with F. P. Bundy and H. M. Strong”. Tracy Hall later...

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