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Lazare Kaplan International Inc.

Founded in 1903 by Lazare Kaplan in Antwrep, Belgium, Lazare Kaplan International is the largest manufacturer of diamonds in the United States. The Kaplan family has a long history in the jewelry industry. His great-grandfather was once a jeweler and watchmaker and his love of the business passed on to future generations. He apprenticed under diamond cutter Abraham Tolkowski, Kaplans great grandfather, at the age of 13. He became most...

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The Dresden Green Diamond

The Dresden Green diamond is an extraordinary diamond whose origin is unknown. It is a 41 carat green diamond most well-known for its size, of course, and for its rich color. The Dresden Green diamond was first sold at the Leipzig, Germany Fair in 1743 to Fredrick Augustus II of Saxony for $150,000. At some point, the green diamond was put on display in the “green vaults” at the royal...

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The Chopard Company

Chopard is a Swiss luxury watchmaking, jewelry and accessories company which started in 1860 by Louis-Ulysse Chopard who was age 24 years old. The company was initially started by making accurately timed pocket watches. They made their movements in house rather than using movements from other manufacturers. In 1920, Chopard Company moved to Geneva and started making and designing watches. In 1963, the company was taken over by Karl Scheufele...

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The Unger Bros.

The Unger Bros. out of Newark, New Jersey promoted themselves as jewelry manufacturers, silversmiths and glass cutters. The immigrant Unger family came to New Jersey from Germany. Herman, the oldest son began the manufacturing of silver items in 1878. All five sons joined the firm, but William, George and Frederick died in 1879. Herman and Eugene, the surviving sons, became officers in the firm, Herman as a silversmith and Eugene...

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