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Looking for a Diamond that is a “Cut Above”

Looking at the cut of a vintage diamond engagement ring is the most important thing, although you won’t see all that a diamond specialist will.  Let’s talk about using the terms to describe your stone and terms relating to the cut of a diamond. It’s important to become familiar with a few general terms used when describing a faceted diamond.  Proportion of a stone affects its brilliance, beauty and desirability. Terms Used to Describe Parts of a Diamond Girdle- The part of the stone where the top meets the bottom of the diamond.  It is the dividing line. Crown- The upper portion of the diamond. Table- The flat top portion of the diamond. Pavilion- The bottom portion of the diamond. Culet- The point of the stone on the bottom or in a European cut diamond, the bottom flat part of the stone. The cut refers to cutting the stone from the rough material.  It does not relate to shape which would be a personal preference. Some shapes are round, cushion, pear, marquise, tapered baguette or baguette and trillion to name a number of them. The Make of the Stone The cut refers to the overall beauty of the stone.  A term to describe the overall cutting quality of the stone is its make.  A “good make” is especially important to a diamond.  A diamond with an “excellent make” will sell for more than a diamond with a “poor make”.  In fact, an “excellent cut” can sell for twice as much as a “poor make”. Some cutting is made by cutting the highest carat weight out of the rough, affecting quality and sometimes durability. How to Know If a Stone is Cut Well Cut affects the beauty and value.  There are many cutting styles, but to mention a few you could consider a Round Brilliant or a European cut. A good cut will make a stone brilliant and a poorly cut stone will be lifeless and dull.  Cutting and proportions have the most effect on the stone’s brilliance and fire. Proportion Look to see if the diamond engagement ring is too thin or too thick from the bottom to the top. Always visit and buy from a reputable fine jeweler.  They will be happy to discuss anything I’ve mentioned above.  Trust their knowledge, professionalism and integrity.

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