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Orange Blossom Jewelers

Orange blossom jewelry is one of the finest vintage jewelry from the era of Queen Victoria. In that era, orange blossom jewelry was a popular choice for rings and wedding bands for brides as well as wedding rings for grooms. Like any other vintage piece of jewelry, blossom jewelry has an interesting background story that explains its value and the reason behind its popularity. 

Before we dig deep into the importance and popularity of orange blossom jewelry, let us tell you an interesting story.

The Royal Orange Blossom Jewelry

In the Victorian era, orange blossom jewelry was a popular choice for fashionable brides. The trend started or at least got popularized, due to Queen Victoria. During her wedding in 1840, Queen Victoria wore orange blossoms to make her look more elegant. Her husband noticed her affinity towards orange blossoms and gifted her jewelry fashioned in the manner of orange blossoms during the initial years of their marriage. 

Though Queen Victoria wore real orange blossom the tradition of wearing faux orange blossom flourished afterward. The tradition popped suddenly and disappeared gradually. But, it left a permanent mark in the form of orange blossom bridal jewels. When looked closely, the jewelry of the Art Deco Era reveals orange blossoms incorporated into beautifully fashioned bridal jewelry.

The Symbolic Importance of Orange Blossom

Orange blossoms became a part of wedding tradition not simply because Queen Victoria wore them but because many symbolic meanings got attached to these blossoms. Orange blossom jewelry became a part of the bridal look most importantly because it became a symbol of innocence and fertility. 

Other symbolisms that got attached to orange blossom include purity, moral virtue, chastity, fruitfulness, etc. These symbolisms made orange blossoms an integral part of wedding jewelry. Due to these symbolisms, the orange blossom jewelry was considered ideal adornments for brides.

The Story of Orange Blossom Jewelers

It was in the early 1900s that the Traub Company put the foundation of Orange Blossom Jewelers, a trademark for blossom jewelry. The Traub Company was known for its masterfully crafted jewelry. The orange blossom jewelry added to their popularity. As discussed earlier, the popularity of orange blossom jewelry at that time can be attributed to Queen Victoria’s love for such jewelry.

The orange blossom ring for engagement and wedding and the orange blossom wedding band crafted by the company were admired by brides and grooms as well. For some reason, the company got sold in 1990 and the molds for jewelry were destroyed. These jewelry molds were cast using the actual specimen of orange blossom. Martin Ross Group Inc. purchased the Canada branch of Orange Blossom Jewelry in 2003 which still produces blossom wedding rings and other jewelry.

The Vintage Blossom Jewelries

The vintage blossom jewelry is called so for a reason. The basic design includes gold or silver beads interspersed in a manner that gives the look of a blooming flower. It is said that the original vintage blossom jewelry was masterfully crafted using the cast of actual orange blossom. This jewelry was handmade using gold, silver, bronze, and freshwater pearls.

Apart from orange blossom jewelry, there are a few more vintage blossom jewelry that make a great choice for jewelry for engagement and wedding. Cherry blossom jewelry, for example, is a very attractive and pretty piece of jewelry. The impressive cherry blossom jewelry collection gives the feel of a dreamy world and romantic touch thus making them a perfect gift of love.

Let us quickly discuss jewelry brands apart from Orange Blossom Jewelers that provide us with great vintage and modern jewelry options.    

Squash Blossom Jewelry – The brand Squash blossom jewelry was founded in 1973. This handmade vintage jewelry features Native American designs. The beautiful jewelry represents the Native American culture authentically and respectfully. The jewelry is not only of high-value craftsmanship but is also made from the highest-grade materials sourced ethically.

Plum Blossom Jewelry – The brand is yet another option for fine blossom jewelry. The brand represents itself as an all-inclusive brand that hopes to build cultural awareness through its vintage-styled blossom jewelry. The brand takes pride in telling that they spend a portion of its monthly profit on philanthropic activities.

Buddha Blossom Jewelry – The brand Buddha blossom jewel is a great place for procuring precious stone jewelry. They are known for their diverse range of handcrafted gemstone jewelry. 

Dogwood Blossom Jewelry – The specialty of dogwood blossom jewelry is decorated tropical-inspired orange blossoms. These decorated orange blossoms are embellished with crystals and glass. 

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