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History of Oscar Heyman & Bros.

Oscar Heyman & Bros., known for their master jewelry design, craftsmanship and impeccable diamond and gemstone workmanship, is very well-known in the jewelry industry. They are known for making jewelry for high end jewelers such as Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany & Co., Shreve, Crump & Low and Marcus & Co.  Oscar Heyman jewelry is available at only the very best jewelry stores. They own their own tool and die shop, alloy their own platinum and gold, cut and polish every stone they use and oversee each piece of jewelry made from beginning to end. In 1901, Oscar and Nathan Heyman, ages 13 and 16 became apprentices at their mother’s uncle’s jewelry store. This jewelry store was known to have created pieces for the workshop of Carl Faberge.

As their internship ended, they left for the United States to avoid having to join the Russian army. Their family would follow at a later date. Oscar worked as a jeweler with a small manufacturing plant and Nathan took a job with Western Electric to develop his tool-making skills. In 1909, Oscar went to work for Pierre Cartier and was the first non-French speaking jeweler hired. In 1912, Oscar Heyman & Bros., Inc. was founded. His sister, Francis, and brothers, Louis, William and George joined the firm soon after. They learned to produce jewelry that was created and manufactured to very high standards using the demanding criteria expected by Cartier and Faberge.

They produced seven patents relating to “linked bracelet components” and other patents for their dye-striking processes. The technology used to create jewelry was cutting edge and those same processes are still being used today. They experimented with colored stones, sapphires, rubies and emeralds and ultimately purchased them directly from Sri Lanka. Each period produced its own unique jewelry designs using the overall thought of “enduring appeal and international style”. Each piece of jewelry is a thing of beauty created and manufactured with an eye towards perfection.

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