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Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau Jewelry

Art Nouveau jewelry, from 1890-1905, had a very distinctive style. It came after the period that was very restrictive. The design of the Art Nouveau Period followed the way of the Arts and Crafts Period to a certain extent. Everything was handcrafted and became feminine and romantic. Flowing, curvy lines, organic designs like flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, poppies, orchids, irises, snakes and designs of a woman’s head or figure were commonly...

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Art Nouveau Jewelry (1890-1914)

Coinciding with “La Belle Époque” in France and the Late Victorian Period in England, Art Nouveau was a style intended to stand against the industrialization of jewelry and decorative arts. The style marked the turn of the century and the coming of the “modern age.” Although the period was short lived, the jewelry and art from that era was a radical shift from the somber mass produced style of the...

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You ask, "Why Buy Antique Jewelry?" Uniqueness is the simple answer. When purchasing antique jewelry which is 50 years old or older, you are acquiring something from another time; something that may be rare and something that is definitely different from what you see in most jewelry stores. Consider perusing an Estate & Antique Jewelry Store, like ours. Estate simply means previously owned. You will often come across that special...

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The Art Nouveau time period, 1890 -1915, is a span of time which included curved and flowing lines which were inspired by nature. Images of leaves, flowers, certain insects like dragonflies and butterflies, birds like peacocks and swans and even women's faces with beautiful hair affected the style of architecture, jewelry, fine art, furniture, glass and metalwork. As it relates to jewelry, the Art Nouveau time period embraced all of...

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