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Early Victorian Jewelry

The Hope Diamond

The Hope diamond currently in the Smithsonian Museum, weighs 45.52 carats, is VS1 in clarity and is a natural fancy deep grayish blue color. This fantastic stone has had a mysterious, ever changing and cursed history as described below. The first recorded finding of the diamond was in the late 1600’s when Jean Baptiste either stole the diamond from a slave he later murdered or it was purchased for an...

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Snake Bracelet

Serpent jewelry was not always a subject of natural wonder or as an object of zoology but was used to symbolize a thought. Over time the snake came to symbolize many things, both positive and negative. In early Egyptian times, snake jewelry symbolized royalty. In Biblical representation, the snake was negatively used in the Book of Genesis where the serpent offered the apple to Adam and Eve. In the Dark...

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Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone rings have the attribute of an alluring play of light. It has a glow that changes when the stone is moved back and forth. Moonstone is the birthstone for June and the 13th year anniversary. Moonstones from Sri Lanka offer a scintillation of pale blue on an almost transparent background. The sensual, feminine stone coming from India have a “beige brown, green, orange or brown color. These colors with...

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Vintage Jewelry

If you would like to purchase a piece of fine vintage jewelry, maybe a vintage engagement ring from the Edwardian period or a vintage brooch from the Art Nouveau period, you need only look for an estate jewelry store for exactly what you are looking for. Estate jewelry is jewelry that has been previously owned. It could be vintage or contemporary. Vintage jewelry is jewelry that is 50 years old,...

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