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The Edwardian Period (1901 – 1914)

New ways of cutting stones and the use of platinum in the making of diamond jewelry and especially diamond engagement rings was the fashion. In 1901 Queen Victoria died and Edward VII became king of England. His wife, Princess of Wales, Alexandria became the Queen and she had already demonstrated her fashion style and trend in jewelry. Grace and sophistication prevailed and the style of fashion was lace, silk and feathers for women. Antique engagement rings and jewelry of this period were created with designs of bows, honeycomb pattern, flower garland and scalloped edges that looked like lace were mostly in platinum.  The use of milligrain, tiny lines of beads on platinum engagement rings and other jewelry with invisible settings was heavily used. Although diamond engagement rings and jewelry was the most popular, jewelry with colored stones such as sapphire of any color, emeralds and rubies were often used to accentuate the jewelry.  Hat pins and watch fobs were often used and were made of precious metal and gemstones, as well as faux gemstones and gold or silver plating. Just as women enjoy long strands of pearls today, long pearl strands with tassels known as the negligee style were often sought-after. Circles, stars and crescent brooches made with pearls, diamonds and platinum were always a part of a woman’s jewelry wardrobe. Snake rings and multiple bracelets were also well liked. Tiaras made of pearls, diamond and platinum along with long dangle earrings was favored. Feathers as an accent used with platinum scrollwork were also the fad.  The colored stones of purple amethyst, green peridot and white pearls together represented the suffragette movement. As you can see, The Edwardian Period was a time of high style and elegance and the jewelry of this time period is still highly recognized today.

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