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Estate Jewelry

If you are searching for something that is as unique and individual as you are, Estate Jewelry is the only class of jewelry that you will turn to, each and estate-jewelryevery time. Estate jewelry is a category of jewelry that has been previously owned and beautifully preserved in order to be showcased and admired throughout the ages. Generally, when exploring in the wide world of  Estate Jewelry, most of the pieces fall into the vintage category. Vintage Estate Jewelry spans many hundreds of years. From as far back as the Georgian period (1714-1837) to the more recent Retro period (1945-1960), exclusive and custom pieces have been fashioned to fit its’ owners eclectic tastes. Vintage Estate Jewelry is comprised of many items that perfectly decorate the memories of the past and are primed to intensify the moments of today. Earringsringsbroaches, cuff links, bracelets, cosmetics cases, flasks, pocket watches, and tiny handbags are just a few of the many eclectic items that you will enjoy collecting. When you are intrigued by a special piece, do not dwell for long. Many of these treasures are one of a kind. They disappear from the market as quickly as they surfaced. When shopping for Estate Jewelry, you want to be mindful of three significant aspects in each piece. 1. The cut of the gemstone (s). 2. The gold karat. 3. The size The cut of the gemstone can be a tell tale sign of the time period the piece was created. Most antique estate jewelry stones are showcased with a rose cut, mine cut or the the traditional european cut. When selecting a piece, the gold that it is made up of can range between 9 karats to 23 karats. The more contemporary pieces use 14, 18, or 22 karats. Another thing to consider is the size of the jewelry. Many of the custom pieces were made for people who needed fitted jewelry that was very small or extremely big. So be prepared for the item not to fit perfectly as is. But do not worry, there are many ways to fit jewelry to its owner. Estate jewelry is an ageless assortment of precious items that not only looks beautiful, but also has an individual charm about it.  So if you consider yourself to be a trendsetter or you march to the beat of your own drum, there is no doubt that Estate Jewelry will beautifully compliment your look and your life.

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