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Gemstone Mines

The Royal Asscher Diamond Company

I.J. Asscher Diamond Company, named after son Isaac Joseph Asscher, was founded in 1854 by the Asscher family. The company has cut some of the most famous diamonds such as the 997 ct. Excelsior diamond in 1903 and the 3,106 ct. Cullinan diamond, the largest diamond ever found, in 1907. The headquarters was located at Tolstraat 127 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands as it is today. The Asscher family also has...

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Petri Jewelers & Petri 1.10ct. Diamond Antique Engagement Ring - J37162

Edward Petri Jewelers and manufacturers was founded by Edward Petri in 1922. His firm created and manufactured jewelry in the European fashion using platinum, the king of metals, with diamonds and fine gemstones. He was considered to be one of the finest jewelers of his time. The third owner is currently Charles (Charlie) F. Walker and he continues to hand fabricate and custom make jewelry with equipment from the 1890's. ...

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C. D. Peacock & Peacock Diamond Antique Wedding Set - J37050

Founded in 1837, Elijah Peacock moved to Chicago from England to continue his watch and jewelry business which began three generations before.  His son, Charles (C.D.) was born in 1838 and inherited the business after his father retired. Robert Peacock and W. C. Peacock, sons of C. D. Peacock, continued the business as President and Secretary-Treasurer.   In 1969, the parent company of Marshall Fields, Dayton Hudson Corp, bought the...

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Gabriel Ofiesh Jewelry - 10ct. Aquamarine Estate Fashion Ring 18K Yellow Gold & Sterling Silver - J36507

Gabriel Ofiesh, based in Charlottesville, Virginia, works with a small staff of craftsmen who create and manufacture jewelry by hand.  "When I'm making a piece of jewelry, I think about rhythm and balance.  I also like unexpected details: things that move, flash, hide or surprise.  Using precious metal forms, fine gems and small diamonds, I aspire to find that surprise in each piece I make."   This is a fabulous...

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