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History of David Webb

David Webb, jewelry creator and designer of David Webb rings, bracelets and necklaces was born in Asheville, North Carolina in 1925. He lived in a boarding house with his mother. The boarding house, known as the Carolina Bed & Breakfast, was run by his mother during the Great Depression. At the age of 17, David Webb moved to New York and in 1945, together with his partner Nina Silberstein, opened his first shop after a three year apprenticeship. In 1960, Webb moved to 57th Street in New York City and sold his jewelry designs to select clients in his upstairs private salon. Some of his more well-known clients were the Rockefellers, the Vanderbilts, Andy Worhol, Princess Grace of Monaco, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor and Lana Turner. Gwen Stefanie and Jennifer Lopez more recently have been seen wearing his jewelry. Webb’s work was influenced by nature, animals and by master jewelers Peter Carl Faberge and Cellini to name a few. His use of bold colors and animal motifs such as enameled zebras, crocodiles or dragons became his signature designs. He also incorporated carved crystal, enamel with diamonds, semi-precious colored gemstones and pearls into his designs. David Webb died at the age of 50 from pancreatic cancer. Reproduction of his jewelry and objects d’art is controlled by Nina Silberstein as CEO and her children, Stanley Silberstein (President) and Sharon Silberstein (Vice President and Creative Director). Webb’s jewelry reproductions continue to be made in his workshop above the Madison Avenue store in New York City. David Webb jewelry celebrated their 60th anniversary in 2008. In 2009, they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Manhattan. In 2010, the company was bought by three jewelers-Mark Emanuel, Sima Ghadamin and Robert Sadian for $11 million dollars.

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