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Engagement Ring Selection - Your Special Day!

Your partner popped the question, "Will you marry me?" and you said, "Yes!" You then decided to come to Gesner Estate Jewelry to select your Engagement Ring. Your fiance came with you to get your point of view of the Diamond Engagement Ring you would want to wear for a lifetime. That was a good decision. You could pick the exact Diamond Ring you want or you could have your salesperson help you narrow it down to three Rings you like, giving your fiance a choice of the Engagement Ring you would definitely love to wear, if your partner wants to select the ring to surprise you at a later date.

Our store has a wide array of Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands to peruse, well over 530 rings! You think, how will I pick three rings, much less one? There are so many rings to choose from. My name is Valerie and although I am not a family member, I have been with Gesner's for 22 years and I have a method to help you see every ring in the store and in the windows. You won't miss a thing!

We start on Pad 1 and you have the option to try on every ring on that pad. If you try on every ring, that is not a problem. I have a lot of patience and want to give you all the pertinent information about each ring you choose, as one of your options. You may want to know about the Diamond Weight, Color and Clarity, as well as the price. You may want to just select a ring that strikes your fancy or you may be looking for a specific time period for your Ring, like Edwardian c.1901-1915 or Art Deco c.1918 - 1940. Any question you have will gladly be answered. You continue on through ten cases and the windows, last of all. Every time you say, "Yes, this is a possibility", the ring is turned on its side for consideration after looking at every ring.

After you have made your selections, I start giving you a choice of two rings from your selected Diamond Engagement Rings. Go with your first reaction. Do you like the first one or the second one? We go through this process until you have narrowed your selection to three rings or the one ring you must have. The process usually takes about 45 minutes. Take your time. It's a big decision!

I want this experience to be one you will always remember. It's a special day!

Come see us! I will be happy to help in your selection or one of the Gesner Family members and we will make this day a day to be remembered!

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