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Why Choose Natural Diamonds for Your Jewelry and not Lab-Grown Diamonds?

One cannot deny the appeal that the sparkle of a diamond holds for all. Diamonds are not only a woman’s best friend but also a valuable asset to anyone, irrespective of gender, class, or status. The gemstone symbolizes royalty, power, prosperity, love, bonding, and more.

However, the advent of lab-grown diamonds has fueled discussions about the appeal of natural diamonds. To a savant of jewelry and gemstones or anyone looking for exclusivity, nothing beats organic diamonds.

Let’s understand why natural diamonds are coveted despite the introduction of synthetic alternatives.

Natural Diamond - Imperfect Perfection

Natural diamonds are unique and display minor imperfections. The higher the quality of the diamond, the fewer these impurities are, but they are never completely gone. Despite these impurities, the uniqueness, aesthetic appeal, ROI, and emotional value of these gemstones add to their appeal. Unlike lab-grown diamonds, organic counterparts have unique shapes, and no two pieces are identical.

What Makes Natural Diamonds an Alluring Choice?

It is crucial to make an informed decision while shopping for diamonds to ensure you get the most out of your investment. Natural diamonds are expensive, which often makes potential consumers apprehensive. However, there are several advantages that make them a worthy investment.

The Rarity Factor

Natural diamonds are extremely rare, making them a precious treasure. Every piece is unique due to its geological formation, including its impurities. Not to mention the cut and styling also contribute to its exclusivity.

Although rarity also raises concerns about sustainability, sourcing natural diamonds ethically is key to minimizing environmental impacts. This way, you can do your part for the environment while adding beautiful trinkets to your collection.

Sentimental Value

Imagine the happiness that accompanies inheriting a family heirloom. Often, someone’s wise decision to invest in natural diamond jewelry becomes a legacy for future generations. While the sentiments attached to these pieces are priceless, their value increases significantly over time. When you invest in such a timeless piece handed down over the years, you are remembered through generations. 

The uniqueness of a natural diamond contributes to its sentimental appeal in the long run. Lab-grown alternatives can never replicate the journey and history associated with century-old diamond jewelry and the legacy it represents.

Unparalleled Beauty

The natural diamond's luster, sparkle, and overall glow are unmatched by other stones, even synthetic alternatives. Though lab-grown diamonds match in terms of hardness, they do not carry the history of millions of years within them. Furthermore, natural diamonds have minor impurities, enhancing their beauty and unique appearance. When you choose natural stones, you can be certain that your diamond will be one-of-a-kind in the world.

Viable Investment

The value of natural diamonds will continue to grow over time despite the growing production of lab-grown diamonds. As the substance becomes rarer by the day, becoming a proud owner of one such timeless piece holds much value in terms of investment too. Contrary to mass-produced lab-grown diamonds, age makes natural diamonds valuable. Moreover, it takes a skilled gemologist only a few minutes to distinguish the natural from the synthetic stones, immediately diminishing the latter's value.

Ethical Sourcing 

Ethical mining means taking into consideration the impact mining makes on the environment; as such, natural diamonds, which are certifiably sourced ethically, are an excellent choice for environmentally conscious consumers. Moreover, if you believe lab-grown alternatives have a lesser environmental impact, it is time to rethink. The process of creating these diamonds requires immense energy and also emits harmful gasses like methane.

Better ROI

You may be tempted to buy synthetic diamonds owing to their significantly lower prices, but nothing beats the ROI of natural diamonds in the long run. The price of synthetic alternatives drops rapidly over time. On the other hand, organic counterparts gather better prices by the day as they are unique and more difficult to find.


Investing in natural diamonds is not like adding a trinket to your collection. You are paying for the legacy it withholds and the stories it tells of its original owner. The sentimental value and cost appreciation over the years make it a wise choice despite its extravagant price tag. It will be the central attraction of any jewelry, carrying the testament of time, endurance, and legacy along with it.

At Gesner Estate Jewelry, get the best quality natural diamond jewelry that resonates with your story and creates a legacy you can proudly uphold. We have a variety of vintage and antique jewelry that is unique and features state-of-the-art craftsmanship.

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