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Platinum Engagement Rings

Vintage Jewelry

If you would like to purchase a piece of fine vintage jewelry, maybe a vintage engagement ring from the Edwardian period or a vintage brooch from the Art Nouveau period, you need only look for an estate jewelry store for exactly what you are looking for. Estate jewelry is jewelry that has been previously owned. It could be vintage or contemporary. Vintage jewelry is jewelry that is 50 years old,...

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Cameo Brooches and Pendants

A cameo brooch is an ornamental piece of jewelry that is attached to clothing or worn as a pendant.  Most brooches had a fixture in the back making it possible to wear it as a brooch or pendant.  Brooches were and are normally made of metals like gold and silver. Cameo brooches have been popular from ancient to current times. They were made out of shell or hardstone such as...

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Imitation and Synthetic Rubies

Imitation Rubies Like other colored stones, rubies have their share of fake stones.  They are general made out of pieces of rocks or glass.  They are have been and are currently made into ruby jewelry such as antique ruby rings, ruby engagement rings, ruby bracelets and necklaces. According to the Gemological Institute of America, “Imitations differ from synthetics in that the material used for imitations is not of the same...

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By How Much Can Fluorescence Affect Value?

If a diamond engagement ring fluoresces “faint” or “weak” the effect on the diamond color grade or value is negligible.  If it is graded as “more intense” or “very strong” fluorescence, it will affect the value negatively. If a diamond engagement ring has “medium” fluorescence, it can change the body color grade ½ to 1 color grade different than its actual color; if “strong” by 1-2 color grades and if “very...

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