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The Edwardian Era covered the reign of King Edward VII, son of Queen Elizabeth, in the United Kingdom of Great Britain. This period was a change from traditionalism to growth, wealth, the fine arts and fashionable style of dress. Beautifully well-attired men and women were known to have attended parties where socializing was considered a part of high society. Fine jewelry was worn by the king and his style became the customary style of the country. The oxyacetylene torch was created in the early 1900's to allow Master Jewelers to work in platinum that required high temperatures to create their works of art.

Delicate is the word to describe all jewelry from this era. Motifs of garlands, ribbons, lace and bow knots, to name a few, could be found in rings, bracelets, necklaces and brooches. Diamonds decorated the workmanship of lighter lacy platinum jewelry. Milgrain, a line of platinum dots, enhanced the Edwardian jewelry, giving it a delicate finished touch. Platinum bar pins, magnificently pierced and adorned with diamonds, were also in vogue. Although diamond studs were common at the beginning of the era, it gave way to dangle earrings with fine piercing, milgrain and diamonds, with motifs, as described above. It was an era when jewelers took all the time they needed to create their fantastical pieces of wearable art.   6.12.18

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