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  Jewelry changed during her reign and went from heavy and cumbersome designs, almost masculine, when she was younger to very somber jewelry after the death of Prince Albert. A lighter style jewelry took over later on. Popular stones were agate, amber, emerald, garnet, seed pearls and turquoise, to name a few. The engagement ring given to Queen Victoria was an emerald set in a serpent head. Starting in approximately the 1860's, hair jewelry, to commemorate a loved one or a family member who had passed on, was worn. After Prince Albert's death, mourning jewelry was frequently worn. It would have been made of jet, black onyx and gold. Common motifs were themes such as hands, love knots, vines and leaves. Colored stones were worn in the evening and transparent stones during the day. Large brooches with matching bracelets, pendants with enamel and seed pearls, cameos with coral, shell and lava stone were customary. By the end of the Victorian Era, nicer stones were being used such as rose cut or old mine cut diamonds, ruby and zircon set in gold. The Victorian Era was known for the very distinctive style as dictated by the jewelry worn by the Queen. Here is an Antique brooch or pendant crafted in 14 karat yellow gold with leaf work in the center covered in seed pearls. It is surrounded by green enamel and another line of seed pearls. Although the chain is modern, the pendant is distinctively late Victorian. J36901 6.7.18

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