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Popular in the 18th century, the bruting of diamonds became available in the industry. As a result, diamond cutters began shaping Old Mine Cut diamonds by following the octahedral shape of the diamond crystal. The cutter then meticulously ground two diamonds together to complete the desired shape.  After the shape was completed, a diamond polisher would polish the facets. Dimensions varied from stone to stone because of the odd shaped diamond rough and since they were completely crafted by hand, each Old Mine Cut has its own persona/personality. They have a square or rectangular shape, more like a cushion cut, whereas the European Cut diamond has a round shape.  The Old Mine Cut Diamond was the predecessor of the European Cut Diamond and the modern Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds of today. The tables on these older cut diamonds are typically smaller with higher crown angles.  Old mine cuts, like the European Cut diamonds, have open facets and a culet that is also faceted.  Looking inside the diamond with a jeweler's loupe, you will see what looks like a tiny circle in the center of the stone and that is the "open culet".  


Here is an exceptional example of an Old Mine Cut diamond in an Art Deco mounting. This sparkling diamond weighs approximately .71ct. with VS2 clarity and G color.  Decorating this artistically designed and platinum die-struck mounting are .05ct. total weight of Single Cut diamonds with VS2-SI1 clarity and H color.  Generously pierced, engraved and milgrained, this beautiful Antique Engagement ring is a stunning example of the Roaring 20's.            

Here is another example of a dazzling European Cut center diamond which weighs approximately 1.16ct. with VS1 clarity and K color.  It is set in an elegant Art Deco hand engraved platinum mounting.  It is embellished with approximately .05ct. total weight of Single Cut diamonds on the sides of the center stone.  These diamonds have VS-SI clarity and H-I color.  This gorgeous diamond Antique engagement ring is a must for those who want a classic and more traditional design.           J34194 - Example of the Old Mine Cut Diamond J35378 - Example of the European Cut Diamond   7.6.18

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