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The much acclaimed Orange Blossom vintage engagement rings and wedding bands have become highly desirable in the present time. The hard-to-find distinctive design gives them a uniqueness that is readily sought in today’s time. Many to-be-couples are turning towards vintage jewelry for adding a flavor of uniqueness to their relationship. Among all the available vintage options, Orange Blossom by Traub Company has succeeded in creating a special place for itself.

Allow us to narrate the story of Traub Orange Blossom ring history to give you a proper context. Knowing the story of its origin will help you appreciate the Traub Orange Blossom jewelry including engagement rings and wedding bands.

The History of Traub Orange Blossom

The Traub Manufacturing Co was founded in 1910 in Detroit Michigan. The jewelry-making company soon became a well-known name in the sector. Till 1915 it had already made a mark in the jewelry industry with Orange Blossom, its line of engagement rings, and wedding bands.

The Orange Blossom became a widely loved trademark for brides and grooms of the era. The reason behind its popularity was most probably its unique design. The feminine design of the ring and the wedding band of Orange Blossom were masterfully crafted in platinum, 18-karat, and 14-karat gold. 

The authentic design of the orange blossom added to its popularity. This was because the brand emerged at a time when orange blossom in jewelry was already in vogue. It was Queen Victoria whose love for orange blossoms initiated the fashion of using orange blossoms in the wedding. She wore a wreath of orange blossoms during her wedding. Acknowledging her love for orange blossom the king got her many pieces of jewelry made in the design of orange blossom. 

It was this Victorian era that led to the foundation of orange blossoms to be used traditionally in weddings. Social experts also linked orange blossoms with feminine symbolisms like innocence, purity, chastity, fertility, etc. This addition of symbolic meaning ensured that the orange blossom become a tradition rather than fashion. 

The original orange blossom pieces of jewelry were made using casts of the actual specimen of orange blossoms. This made the pieces of orange blossom jewelry by Traub unique in making and design.

The company was sold in 1990 for some reasons. Unluckily, the original molds of the jewelry got destroyed soon. This forced the new owners to stop the trademark orange blossom. New pieces were not made but there were already quite a number of orange blossom jewelry with the people who already owned them. But, who would have known thTraub Manufacturing Company, c.1915, located in Detroit, Michigan became very well-known for their highly sought after engagement ring and wedding band line named Orange Blossom. This exclusive brand became extremely popular because of their unique and feminine designs which were crafted in platinum, 18 karat, and 14 karat gold. The company was sold in 1990 and the United States Orange Blossom molds were sadly destroyed.  A Canadian licensed manufacturing company, whose name is not readily available, had some of the original duplicate molds for production. In 2003, Martin Ross of Toronto purchased this Canadian Company and had, in the past, manufactured engagement rings from their original molds. The celebrated Orange Blossom engagement rings and wedding bands are highly desirable today because of their distinctive designs which are often hard to find. This Orange Blossom engagement ring must have been a real crowd pleaser back in the early 1900's. Die-struck and crafted in 18 karat white gold, this diamond Antique engagement ring features an approximate .35ct. European cut diamond with SI2 clarity and K color. Captivating!   J36882   7.10.18at those pieces of jewelry will come in more demand decades later?  

It was found that a branch of the original Traub Manufacturing Company was operating in Canada too. This branch had some duplicates of the original molds that it used to produce orange blossom jewelry. Martin Ross of Toronto bought this Canadian branch in 2003 and manufactures orange blossom rings using the original molds.  

Many people in the US who owned orange blossom jewelry during its original era have sold their possessions and the rings and wedding bands are now available in the market as vintage pieces. Anyone who loves vintage jewelry of the Art Deco era must certainly have a look at orange blossom jewelry by Traub Company. The crowd-puller jewelry of the Victorian era has not lost its charm even today. Some of this vintage jewelry is available in perfect condition with the original trademark and date engravings. The design of the jewelry is undoubtedly unique enough to stand out in a crowd even today.    

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