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Victorian Period Jewelry (1837-1901)

victorian-period-jewelryIf you are looking for antique vintage jewelry, the Victorian Period also known as the Romantic Period, may offer exactly what you are looking for.  The reign of Queen Victoria, during the years of 1837 through 1901, brought with it her love affair with jewelry.  Rings, gold lockets, enameled brooches, necklaces and bracelets with intricate designs were her passion. Her impact on jewelry as a young queen reflected themes of floral designs, fine scroll work and animal themes.  You could expect to see lovely engagement rings and fine jewelry that were stamped out or hand made.  Fine delicate jewelry using colored gem stones such as turquoise, peridot, amethyst and garnets were abundant during the early Victorian Era.  Engagement rings, lockets, pendants, cameo brooches carved of hardstone, such as agate, emerald and jasper were also popular. During the mid-Victorian Era, also called the Grand Period (1860-1885), fashions changed and so did the abundance of detailed jewelry.  Women’s wardrobe and jewelry would include bolder colors and bolder jewelry of heavy gold and colored stone. By 1865, detailed design was still in use but more classical designs such as mosaics, fringes, sea shells and rams head were used more frequently. The Late Victorian Era also called the Aesthetic Period (1885-1900) refashioned clothing and jewelry.  Because of the novelty of new fabrics in different softer hues, the range of jewelry, such as tourmaline, alexandrite and sapphires of all colors were more prevalent. As women became more interested in working outside of the home, jewelry became more modest.  A jewelry wardrobe might include a strand of pearls, a cameo brooch and a gold necklace.  Due to the invention of electric lightening diamond jewelry, such as diamond engagement rings and brooches with diamonds and seed pearls were more popular. The Victorian Era of jewelry offers a variety of styles and colors that suited women then and now as well.

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