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Edwardian Engagement Rings

Platinum vs. White Gold

Platinum is one of the rarest metals on earth.   This precious metal comes out of the ground pure white. Some of the most delicately made vintage engagement rings and jewelry is made in platinum. Eighty percent of platinum production comes from Africa. During times of economic stability, platinum is twice as expensive as gold.  Economic uncertainty brings the price of platinum down sometimes lower than gold. The biggest benefit of...

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The 4 C’s – Carat Weight, Color, Clarity and Cut

When considering your purchase of an antique engagement ring, there are four things to take into consideration-carat weight, color, clarity and cut. Carat is a measure of weight for a diamond. The European Cut diamond as compared to a Round Brilliant of the same millimeter size can weigh as much as 10-15% more because of cut.  (See the Cut paragraph for more details.) Most diamonds are under one carat and...

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The Edwardian Period (1901 – 1914)

New ways of cutting stones and the use of platinum in the making of diamond jewelry and especially diamond engagement rings was the fashion. In 1901 Queen Victoria died and Edward VII became king of England. His wife, Princess of Wales, Alexandria became the Queen and she had already demonstrated her fashion style and trend in jewelry. Grace and sophistication prevailed and the style of fashion was lace, silk and...

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Why Purchase Estate and Vintage Jewelry?

The lure of timeless beauty and sophistication enhance the unique design and rare craftsmanship of a previously owned piece of estate or vintage jewelry. When buying estate and vintage jewelry, you are cutting out the middlemen by not buying from manufacturers where gold and platinum is at a premium. When you find a trusted jeweler that specializes in this kind of jewelry, you have found a treasure. Value comes in...

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