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Late Victorian Jewelry

By How Much Can Fluorescence Affect Value?

If a diamond engagement ring fluoresces “faint” or “weak” the effect on the diamond color grade or value is negligible.  If it is graded as “more intense” or “very strong” fluorescence, it will affect the value negatively. If a diamond engagement ring has “medium” fluorescence, it can change the body color grade ½ to 1 color grade different than its actual color; if “strong” by 1-2 color grades and if “very...

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Color Changing Gem Stones - Sapphires and Alexandrites

A color changing gem stone changes color depending on different changing light sources.  The more dramatic the change in color, the rarer and more valuable it becomes. Color Changing Sapphire In day light, color changing sapphires change from blue to violet.  Other rarer sapphires change from green to reddish brown in incandescent lighting.  Color is the most important quality for any sapphire.  It is valued for its attractive color.  The...

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Buying Cameos

When Victoria came into power, cameos were already very popular.  In 1805, a school was started in Rome called “a Prix de Rome” founded by Pope Leo XII to learn the craft of cameo engraving. Although stone was used for the earliest cameos, shell cameos were later used to reduce its cost.  Cameos were designed in rings, brooches, earrings and bracelets.  Surprisingly, men also wore cameos as watch fobs, rings...

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The Seven Factors that Determine the Value of Pearls

The seven factors that determine the value of your pearl earrings, brooches, bracelets and strands of pearls are: "Size Shape Color Luster Surface Quality Nacre Quality Orient" as described by the Gemological Institute of America. Pearl Size Pearls are measured in millimeter (mm) size and equals one measure of value. Rarity is a major factor in value as well. For instance, the standard size of an akoya pearls is 6...

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