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Late Victorian Jewelry

Why Purchase Estate and Vintage Jewelry?

The lure of timeless beauty and sophistication enhance the unique design and rare craftsmanship of a previously owned piece of estate or vintage jewelry. When buying estate and vintage jewelry, you are cutting out the middlemen by not buying from manufacturers where gold and platinum is at a premium. When you find a trusted jeweler that specializes in this kind of jewelry, you have found a treasure. Value comes in...

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Victorian Period Jewelry (1837-1901)

If you are looking for antique vintage jewelry, the Victorian Period also known as the Romantic Period, may offer exactly what you are looking for.  The reign of Queen Victoria, during the years of 1837 through 1901, brought with it her love affair with jewelry.  Rings, gold lockets, enameled brooches, necklaces and bracelets with intricate designs were her passion. Her impact on jewelry as a young queen reflected themes of...

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Victorian Jewelry (1837-1890)

Victorian Jewelry refers to the styles of jewelry that were fashionable during the reign of Queen Victoria of Great Britain. Queen Victoria loved to wear jewelry. She was also very influential with women of her time and whatever caught her fancy turned into fashion. Victorian jewelry is as complex in it's symbolism, sentiment and design as the fashion, architecture and decor of the time. Worn as an ornament, a love...

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